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Increase your margin up to 30% by buying directly from the producer
We already have +30,000 curated products available from over 1,200 tested and certified suppliers worldwide - and we are adding new ones every day. Get access to market trends, price comparisons, high-quality photos, and always new products!
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Each wholesaler has a personalized shopping experience based on their previous purchases and their retail segment. Tezor is updated frequently to help our customers discover new brands, trends and easily reorder their best sellers.
The retail purchase department has clear visibility into the status of each order, a structured workflow to avoid missing deadlines, and the ability to export the information or connect directly with the company ERP.
Tezor is your one-stop platform for purchasing and managing your supply chain!
By directly sourcing from the supplier you can save up to 30% in product costs.
+30.000 curated products, tested, and certified suppliers. Partnership with great European brands - GEFU, BOHEMIA, SQUARE HOME, and BIGSO.
We are a B2B marketplace for Fashion for Home Goods
About Tezor
We manage your purchase order from the factory up to your destination. With our sophisticated tracking interface, you will always know where your products are.
We offer you to pay only 60 days after we ship your order.
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Creat your Private Label products and increase your margin even more.
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Buy from more than 1,200 suppliers
In one place! With Tezor you have less risk and more efficiency in the whole process.
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Pay only after 60 days
Save up to 30% in costs
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